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German Delegation in Civil Security Technologies and Services

7th -18th of November 2022

About the German market for civil security technologies and services

In Germany, the civil security technologies and services industry is growing and the IT security industry in particular is on the upswing. Around 90% of the exhibitors at the It-sa (It Security Fair in Nuremberg) 2017 trade fair rated the industry as growing and were able to report increases in sales. In 2018, the turnover of the security industry amounted to 8.76 billion euros and has thus doubled within 10 years. Electronic security technology in particular continues to develop into a growth market, which will continue to expand in the future due to digitalization and networking of security technology. However, challenges are also developing in the form of a shortage of skilled workers. In 2018, the security technology industry had a turnover of over 4.4 billion euros. The strengths of German manufacturers are primarily their ability to provide complex system integration as well as extensive technological know-how and system expertise. Companies that offer complete solutions in the area of civil security technologies and services, which reduces communication channels, interfaces and costs for the customer, are particularly in demand. German suppliers are already very well positioned in this area and are in demand internationally. German products and services are respected for their high quality and reliability, and German SMEs can thus benefit from the high brand value "made in Germany".

The Philippine - German Civil Security Congress

Get in touch with the German civil security services industry!

Participate in the Philippine - German Civil security Congress. At the event, both industry experts and representatives of the German Embassy in Manila will give a presentation about the sector and the Philippine-German business relationships. Furthermore, the German participating companies will present their companies and products.

Click here to learn more about the event and to register for the event free of charge.

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