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Business Bridge Asia

Global thinking Asia Solution- We provide company management, supply chain integration and business matchmaking.

BBA is a team of successful entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and former diplomats dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive in the Asia-Pacific. Asia and Oceania can be as complex as they are profitable, but a low-cost, low-profile approach works. Our proven business solutions are customized to the unique needs and financial realities of smaller companies. We help companies make sales, assess opportunities, solve problems, and connect with trusted local networks via our home offices in Singapore and the US, plus resident staff throughout the region. focused on the unique needs of small businesses entering the region. Several existing companies catered to large businesses—with prices to match—but nobody offered smaller enterprises proven strategies to succeed in the Asia-Pacific region without large upfront investments or unnecessary risk exposure. BBA has helped clients with services ranging from due diligence to full scale market entry support. We take pride in our work and are passionate about helping small businesses operate on both sides of the Pacific.

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